Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Movement for the next move has begun. Yesterday, Wura and I bought a pick up truck which, we've heard, is perfect for Texas. It's a cream colored Ford Adventurer. Highly appropriate. Now, all that's missing is the gun rack. Too bad I'm opposed to guns. I suppose the long packing tubes for Wura's sculptures will do.

Had a GREAT interview with Samira Abbassy this morning. Her work is spectacular. She uses these amazing colors and textures to create these, as she calls them, "fantastical" compositions. Her earlier work is just as great as her new stuff, and I'm especially in love with a piece of hers: When We Were Birds.

Last night I went to a reading with Patti. Noy Holland and Amy Hempel. Amy was incredibly witty. She read something published in the Quarterly from a long while ago. It was wonderful to hear the humour in her voice as she read. Noy's meter tranced me out. Her fiction is exactly what I'm looking for in the development of a short workshop on Poetic Aesthetics in Fiction. It was great to hear it, and not just see her writing on the page. The images were very textured; she read from What Begins with Bird.

I'm noticing a bird theme here; Hmm.. Symbols

New York is kicking up its frenetic place just as I ready myself to leave it. I've been subsisting on coffee and more coffee - a tribute, I suppose, to earlier years. Of course, most people I know aren't trying to work the week before they move, but I can't help it. I'm excited to work on this short piece, The Ladder on Thursday. More on this later. Can't reveal too much right now.

Off to the bookstore to look up some books for this poetics workshop I'm thinking about.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Mari confirmed the workshop/panel for January 28th. So far, the other panelist is Marta Morena Vega, author and founder of the Caribbean Cultural Center. Check out her books. There may be other folks. I'll be sending out the word on this soon.

Anyways, I'm off for a weekend of writing and edits, edits, edits. Hopefully, I'll also get to do a couple of oral history interviews.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Today, I just finished developing my website: www.zorashorse.com. I'm very excited about it, since I get to do cool things like post excerpts and upcoming events. I'm hoping that folks check it out in order to keep track of where I am at the moment, since my life is defined by an ancestral nomadism.

New York City is beautiful today. It's a sunny winter day with clear blue skies. I'm excited to have dinner with Samira Abbassy and Wura-Natasha Ogunji tonight, two amazing visual artists whose company I truly enjoy. We're just gonna be chillin' out and drinking some good wine, eating some good food and hanging out with the kids, too.

Next week, I start getting ready to head off to Austin. Before that, though, I will have the opportunity to give a talk for the Latinas in Literature series. I'm VERY excited about that.

Peace and love