Monday, April 10, 2006

Our performances this weekend were phenomenal. I had such a great time. Everyone pulled through and really gave their best and were just absolutely amazing. I got to work with some fierce, fierce artists including D'Lo, Dulani, Florinda Bryant, Jaclyn Pryor, Shia Shabbazz, Amanda Johnston, Krissy Mahan, Virginia Grise (of the Panza Monologues), Erika Gonzalez, Rosalee Martin, Bianca Flores, Kristen Gerhard, Alyssa Harad, Courtney Morris, and Lisa Moore.

Beautiful, beautiful people.

We did our second performance at the Off Center, right here in Austin. It's a great space, and though it was an adjustment from our UT-Austin rehearsal spot, it was fun to work in. We were on the set for Decameron Day 7: REVENGE, and that was fun to work with as well. Virginia set up two altars (in each space) and we went through everybody's pieces. The way that Laurie choreographed it was, as Florinda called it, like spinning on the turn table - overlapping pieces to see how they fit together. We also had a series of movements to work with as we moved through the performance. We sat in a semicircle, and as people performed in the center, people sitting along the edges worked on movements. It was incredible.

We're off to San Francisco this weekend for Passover. Then on May 6th and 7th, Wura and I will be performing Serving Desire at the Center for African & African Diaspora Studies. More later.

peace and love

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