Thursday, May 18, 2006

This was the entrance to the performance space for our piece, Serving Desire, which was performed at the Center for African & African American Studies, May 2006.

This is behind the scenes. We serve 10 courses, so usually, we set up all the "dishes" and performance items up prior to heading out into the dinner space.

Here I am drawing the veve on the table.

And the final table installation around which guests sit.

An installation in the space.

Details of Oshun's Altar.

Our costumes... Wura-Natasha's references Nigerian/Yoruba aesthetics; Ana Lara's (mine) references Dominican voudoun/gaga aesthetics.

This is the dinner table after the performance. Traces of peoples' presence, conversations lingering in the air, finger markings along the edges of the table cloth and placemats.

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