Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's been a series of very productive days here at Altos. I'm slowly getting over my bug phobia, with W.'s help. A few days ago, a centipede crawled out of the tub drain while I was showering. It was 8 inches long. I've never seen one here on this island IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, so I was shocked. Terrified, really. Like I said, I'm slowly getting over it.

A couple of days ago, this beautiful moth appeared. It looked like wood and made me think of the story I'm working on.

Other than working on stories, I was finally able to upload the photos from Pico Duarte onto the web using snapfish. If folks want to see, cut and paste the following url:

into the browser and either log in or create an account to log in. I hope you can see them from there!


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dykeumentary said...

we're so glad you are doing well, altho we are looking forward to your return! much love - krissy