Thursday, August 10, 2006

The war rages on and history begins to implode on itself. How can we sustain ourselves?

I remember, when I put out the chapbook "When the War is Over, I Will Still Be Here Fighting" I was thinking about the fact that war occurs on so many levels. There are the physical losses: bodies, institutions, land, resources; the psychological, social and emotional losses, the destruction of landscapes - both internal and external - and societies. But as a woman of color in the world, I know that the struggles for liberation and human dignity are on-going. And that even when this war is over, there will be much to fight for, because of all that has been lost.

I also remember saying to a friend, a year ago when the Iraq war was reaching new heights yet again, `I am so over war'. I knew it was ridiculous. It sounded ridiculous coming from my mouth. It was a momentary sense of exhaustion at our continual struggles for survival. Surviving war takes its tolls, and those tolls are getting larger.

Through all of this, I'm still here, little victories appearing in my life on a daily basis. I'm talking about moments of deep humanity, creativity, joy, love and brilliance. I am talking about looking outside and seeing the flamboyan trees and the ylang-ylang trees and being thankful a bomb didn't land here today. I'm also talking about remembering my connections with inspirational people. And the witnessing of history.

In terms of writing work, I finished what I came to finish. Which is overwhelming and exciting. I also got great news: Eddie, the story I published in Blithe House Quarterly in the Fall 2004 was optioned for production's filming this week! Here's the webpage: I'm really honored by all the hardwork Chandra Stapleton, the producer, has put into making this happen. It's inspiring. Little victories.


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