Saturday, September 30, 2006

Here it is - the official announcement I sent over email. Feel free to distribute the info...

Also, note the reading preview video that's going up on myspace on October 8....yeah!

Erzulie's Skirt
a novel by Ana-Maurine Lara
Release Date: October 1, 2006
Published by Redbone Press:
Set in the age of urbanization in the Dominican Republic over the course of several lifetimes, Erzulie’s Skirt is a tale how women and their families struggle with love, tragedy and destiny. Told from the perspectives of three women, Erzulie’s Skirt takes us from the rural villages and sugar cane plantations to the slums of Santo Domingo, and along the journey by yola across the sea between the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. It is a compelling love story that unearths our deep ancestral connections to land, ritual and memory.
To see a webvideo reading preview , visit Ana's myspace page on October 8, 2006:

Ana-Maurine Lara's myspace page:

One day only....

To order Erzulie's Skirt, go to:

RedBone Press
ISBN 0-9786251-0-2
Small Press Distributors

Or order through your local independent bookseller

For more information on the author, visit:
Ana-Maurine Lara's webpage:
Ana-Maurine Lara's blog:
Ana-Maurine Lara's myspace page:

I love the cover (the art is by Wura-Natasha Ogunji) and the cover design is by E.M. Corbin (thanks E!!!)


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