Monday, September 11, 2006

I did it. I put myself on

I am slowly seducing technology, trying to get it to work for me. This is no small feat, especially given my inherited tendencies to blow up microwaves, make clocks run backwards, and the such. Though it's a slow relationship, it's really giving back quite a bit.

I've been in Austin for two weeks now working on Florinda Bryant's production: half breed southern fried check one.

WHAT??!!! This woman is amazing. Talk about taking life and hip hop in all its forms and blending it into a theatre production. Here's a line for flavor:

"It was the 1930's sharecropping, legalized slavery. For sale, pennies extra a week.

My dad met his dad in Arizona. His dad met his mom, in Texas. Been working places all over four states, she heard. Been working women all over four states, he said. She was sixteen and he was in his 40's. He was handsome and yellow with pretty eyes and hair. She was pretty and young with a homesick heart and open leg. Sex the only thing either of them had the freedom to choose. He never looked back and it took a while for her to look forward. My dad has two brothers his age born to mothers working places within miles of each other.


WHAT??!! I've been stage managing and listening to this piece unfold and it just gets deeper. Every time I look at a section of it, I feel the need to kneel and bury my head in the words.

So, yes, this is my blessed entrance into Austin, Texas: working with Florinda Bryant, Got the official carport party welcome from K.M. and C.D. It's been excellent.


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