Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A quiet, warm day in Austin Texas. That's what today is. I've been resting, recovering from some muscular injuries. Employing the healing arts. As many of them as I can access.

I've met some great people here, right now. The folks over at the Rhizome Collective impress me deeply, with their sense of humanity, community and human rights. I'm learning a lot from them right now. Then a whole group of other folks here in Austin, doing their thing in their own way.

I was supposed to be in College Station, Texas at Texas A& M watching Paolo Piscitelli's sculptural performance, Platonic 5. But the universe had other plans for me. I'm sleeping at home, getting better. Waking up from time to time to watch the live webcast instead. It's an engaging piece, and I love that on the webcast, the light throws complimentary shapes onto the lens, and that I can see a dimension of his movement that I might not otherwise see in person. I love, too, that I can look outside and onto the web and see that the light is the same, though we're miles apart.

More later. It's back to sleep for me.

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