Sunday, October 08, 2006

IMPROMPTU....the reading was a success last night. Tisa and Amanda were incredible headliners, reading from their new bodies of work - Tisa's "Unexplained Presence" (forthcoming from Leon Works Press), and Amanda's "Tuff". Phenomenal women.

They were followed by lovely, lovely, powerful beautiful readings/performances by Leo Guevara, Wanda Kruda, Rasa Hollinger, and Jibade-Kahlil Huffman. Beautiful. I had such a nice time. Photos coming shortly. Hoa Nguyen was also here - she told us about the Poetry Bus coming to town this Thursday.

It was really lovely.

Other exciting live webcast reading went up today, too. It's going to be on myspace/zorashorse for a minute. I put it on youtube for greater access, too.

Peace and light

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