Wednesday, October 04, 2006

There are so many great things happening right now. For one, the anthology Divagaciones Bajo la Luna/Musings Under the Moon has come out and is meeting with great success in NYC and the D.R. It is an awesome project and anthology gathering the writings of Dominican Lesbians in the Dominican Republic and abroad. The book was edited by Jacqueline Jimenez Polanco, and published with the support of: Astraea, FLACSO, GALDE and now Las Buenas Amigas. They've had events in NYC and Santo Domingo.

The amazing contributors to Divagaciones Bajo La Luna/Musings Under the Moon are: Anacaona, Ariadna Vásquez (Distrito Federal, México), Sargenta G-PROSAS (Deyanira Garcia)(Bronx-NY), Dulce Reyes Bonilla (Brooklyn-NY), Elisa Morel (Santiago), Erika Herfurth (Santiago), Glenda Oval (Bronx-NY), Huracán (Santiago), Jacqueline Jiménez Polanco (Santiago-Santo Domingo), Jissel Ravelo (Queens-NY), Lissette Norman (NY), Magie Sánchez (Santo Domingo), Mari Zabala (Washington Heights-NY), Miriam Ventura (Bronx-NY, PA), Nelsy Aldebot Reyes (Santiago), Ochy Curiel (Bogotá, Colombia), Paola F. Volquez (Bronx-NY), Sandra T. Ramírez (Zen) (Brooklyn, NY), Violeta Michel Pantaleón (SF-CA),Yaneris González Gómez (Santo Domingo), Yoseli Castillo Fuertes (Washington Heights-Bronx, NY), Yuderkys Espinosa Miñoso (Buenos Aires). I also have a piece in it

Then this weekend, Tisa Bryant will be here in Austin, so we're putting together an informal event featuring her and Amanda Johnston:

SATURDAY OCTOB ER 7, 2006 @ 8pm
IMPROMPTU - A Poetry/Fiction Reading
with Amanda Johnston & Tisa Bryant

Hey everybody - We are excited about this IMPROMPTU gathering at our house to enjoy the work of writer/editorsAmanda Johnston (Poet and Editor of Torch Lit. Mag) and Tisa Bryant (Fiction Author and Editor of Encyclopedia Lit. Project).

I'm also hoping that folks bring their own work to share. There are so many talented, brilliant beautiful people here that it would only be right. And, of course, we must dance.

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