Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another review *yay*

From Books To Watch Out For, the Lesbian Edition
Volume 3, Number 8

Suzanne Corson
for Books To Watch Out For

The Dominican Republic is the setting for Erzulie's Skirt by Ana-Maurine Lara. Miriam and Micaela come from different rural villages and spiritual traditions, eventually meeting each other in Santo Domingo. Their strength, fortitude, and resilience swim throughout this mystical book, peppered with the traditions of Vodoun (Vudú). Think magic realism with an African Diaspora flavor, mixed with a heavy dose of survivor instinct and the desire to not accept the status quo. These women face tradition, prejudice, deceit, and abuse head on while on their path to fulfilling their dream - which brings them round circle, though not exactly back home. I strongly suggest that you read the author's reference notes and glossary in the back as an overview before beginning the novel itself, and mark these sections for easy retrieval during your read. It's a much richer experience having some fore-knowledge before opening the spirit-full pages. Redbone Press, $15, 9780978625108.

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