Saturday, December 02, 2006

I would just like to note - I NEVER post this much. Ever. It's just been kind of an incredible week. It really has. Right now, my body is coursing with life, and energy. And so, even though I'm sleepy, my brain, heart, mind and spirit have been ON. Not to say that I'm not usually on, but somehow this has translated into cyber-communication. It has really been quite incredible.

Last night was the reading at Resistencia. SO MUCH LOVE to raulsalinas and rene, who make that space happen, who make it sacred and who make it whole. We grooved up in there. Apparently, I broke with Austin tradition and started almost on time (I did not know this until later), but it couldn't have happened any other way. Tonya Lyles aka SistaDrum was on drums - the sistah is beautiful and she commanded our presence by honoring the space with the djembe and the kalimba. WHAT?! We met for the first time in person last night, but Erzulie spoke to both of us because it was so beautiful. She played, I read and it was beautiful. It was a nice, nice time and a true honor to work with her. And the audience was absolutely amazing; it is so incredible to be witnessed/witnessing so many beautiful, big-hearted people. Among folks, Krissy Mahan, who took my photos, Wura-Natasha Ogunji, who did the cover art, and Sharon Bridgforth, big sis at RedBone Press, were all there with big hearts and lots o love. I am blessed.

And of course, what's a performance in Austin without a party. Following the reading, K.M. and C.D. opened up the carport (Austin style) and we had a great, great party all up until the wee hours.

Tonight, I just got back from a performance at the University of Texas. Helga Davis was singing. Or rather, we were witnessing her prayers as she went through her work "The Gods Have Feet of Clay". Krissy put photos of the evening up on her website. Helga is a composer/singer/being extraordinaire. She just directed Black Nativity at ProArts here in Austin, and was recently in Warsaw working in/on Robert Wilson's piece "The Temptation of St Anthony". This diva is not to be missed, wherever she may be. She's extraordinary, and gave so deeply. This poem is for her, and uses a quote from her song for her brother that says "I am just the beat of black wings"

I am just the beat
of black wings
the pulse of
stolen moments.
Do not confuse
these tears
for sorrow - they
are pure rage
fueled by
deep, unfettered love.

I am just the beat
of black wings
just the shadow
of bodies stacked
in crisscross
on the pavement
in the desert
brown black
patches across
pink red sands.

We will hold you.
We will hold you.
We will hold you.

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dykeumentary said...

Your reading was brilliant, and Erzulie's Skirt (the first book i read in years WITHOUT SKIMMING - is really really good.