Thursday, February 08, 2007

The reading with Lenelle Moise on Tuesday at Bluestockings was absolutely wonderful. We decided to do a call and response to each others' work. And the chorus that unfolded was so powerful. Lenelle sang and performed pieces, including a beautiful piece for New Orleans. And wow - together we were talking about transnationalism, poverty on the island and on the mainland, love and madiviness. Prior to starting we had music going from the Musica Raiz de la Fundacion Cultural Bayahonda, which helped to warm up the space. Here's a link for samples of the music, in case you're lookin. The only sad part is we didn't get any photos.

Yesterday I visited the Little Red Schoolhouse and met with I.J.'s class. The students were really sharp and sweet and asked very inciteful questions. One student (R) asked me whether all the moving I've done has anything to do with my interrogation of ancestors/ancestry. Very sharp. I.J. asked me to speak about intersectionality, as well. Which is what this work is.

I later led a writing workshop up in the Bronx. I want to thank those students who really wanted to be there and got something out of it for themselves. I'm honored by them. And by the mamas and sistahs thanking me and encouraging to keep doing this work. Thank you.

New York is what New York is. Getting ready to roll to Baltimore tomorrow, and College Park on Saturday.


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