Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yes. Life is SO good. So good.

Helga Davis's music is now available for you to listen to, right now. Right. Now. Do it. Give yourself that gift of listening to her; the clip is from an interview on WNYC. Helga, thank you for moving in this direction and for gracing us with your gifts. She also has a blogpage now:

I found out about Helga's new stuff being up from Sharon Bridgforth - amazing, brilliant RedBone sistah who's performance installation Love/Conjure Blues is out of control. It's going to be going up from June 15 - 23, 2007 at the Off Center here in Austin. Krissy Mahan is building the set (she also did the Ruff Cut); Jen Simmons has been on tech and film; and numerous other folks have contributed to make this happen. Now, just imagine juke joints, beautiful people, Sharon's voice, Jen's's ON.

On another note, I'm checking out a conference tomorrow on Afro-Latinidad at UT's Center for African & African American Studies. Synchronicity is an amazing thing. This same week, there's a conference happening in New York City (through GALCI) on Afro-Latinidad, and Afro-Latinas specifically. I'm so excited to see these conversations happening. It's long time coming.

Peace out. I'm off to listen to Helga.

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