Sunday, April 15, 2007

Austin is a fly by. I'm here just for the day. I got to be in workshop with some of the Austin Project women today. We critiqued each others' poetry. Let's just say I walked out with a large task: to push my work to places I've never gone before. It's interesting to think about, as I get ready to head to Florida tomorrow. Some of the things I walked out of the workshop with are:

Exploring vulnerability in images.
When to bring the reader into the present/past/future.
How to write about emotional experiences from an analytical framework without losing the reader?
Balancing between putting the reader in the space of the poem and framing the poem for them.
How to engage people intellectually and emotionally at the same time?
Where is the departure?

The poem I worked on is very different from anything I've written before. It was originally a response to J.S.'s question: What myths did you grow up with? And, I've decided to explore it as a possible piece of work. So, for example, in the Kohnjehr Woman pieces, I am writing in a voice completely not my own. Therefore, vulnerability and truth look very different - the raw emotion is there, but in a different way. Hmmm.. not very articulate. I think I'm still thinking about how to understand the feedback I received.

In any case, Wura-Natasha Ogunji just sent out images and a cool short video of her sewing. I thought it was really pretty, so I'm putting it on my blog.


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