Friday, April 06, 2007

Pamela, Madeleine, Sarah, Ellen, Melanie, Neela, Rhodessa, Ana, Arisika, Nancy

Neela, Rhodessa, Ana, Arisika, Nancy

Last night was the Dreamspeakers event. It was incredibly humbling to be in the company of all the amazing women who were honored:

Arisika Razak
Ellen Reiko Bepp
Madeleine Lim
Melanie DeMore
Nancy Otto
Neelanjana Banerjee
Pamela Peniston
Rhodessa Jones
Sarah Crowell

Jewelle Gomez
, Teresa Mejia and Margie Adam did the honors and there were performances by the women of the Purple Moon Dance Project as well as videos and singing (thank you Melanie for gracing us with your gorgeous voice). One of my favorite moments to witness was right before we went into the auditorium, when Pamela and Rhodessa compared their fabulous amazing shoes. And Jewelle Gomez looked absolutely stunning in her suit. And it was really nice to congratulate the other women and to hear and see some of their work. Madeleine Lim is one of my new found heros for all of the work she does, as is Rhodessa Jones. I'm hoping Ellen Reiko Bepp will come out to Austin at some point. And look out for Neela Banerjee's work. Her writing is exquisite.

So, thank you Purple Moon, for the honor of making it possible for me to be in the presence of these incredible people. And thank you Y.L. for nominating me!

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