Tuesday, May 29, 2007

As promised, I have photos from the Dutch Henry Homestead visit. Tell me this place isn't gorgeous.

This is one of the creeks near the Rogue River.

This is the Rogue River...and a rainbow that was up in the sky while we were eating lunch on the big rock by Horseshoe Bend.

This is a photo of shale, from a large boulder by the river. It's so beautiful.

The view from the upper cabin. On the left, it's from a misty morning, and on the right a sunny afternoon. It's so gorgeous. Keep in mind there is no one around for at least several hundred acres. That's a couple of miles.

On the first day we were there, Keetje Kuipers - who is the writer in residence - was tending to her garden. Her mom was pulling weeds from the strawberry patch when she saw this bull snake. The bull snake was in the process of eating a garden snake. We interrupted, saved the garden snake's life, and the bull snake snuck into the earth under the ripening strawberries.

And here is the writer's cabin. It's beautiful, peaceful. Looking out over the garden, the orchard and the meadow.


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Gary said...

Thanks for posting the Dutch Henry photos! I was the resident there in '05, and I really miss the place. I hope you'll blog your experience there in '08.

As Frank Boyden says, "Good on ya."