Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I just got word from Greg Sinibaldi that he's posted performances from the Atlantic Center for the Arts InsideOUT event. They're available on his website:

And following is a list of the artists who were at the residency, should one be so inclined to check them out**:

Musicians working with Robert Dick:
Mary Clare Brzytwa
Clifford Dunn
Rozalind MacPhail
John Savage
Gerg M. Sinibaldi
Gianluca Verlingieri
Renee Michele Walrafen

Visual Artists working with James Hyde:
Giacomo Castagnola Chaparro
Jamie Chan
Andrea Claire
Howard Fonda
Molly Larkey
Mariana Lopez
Amanda Riner
Thomas J Simon

Poets working with Alice Notley:
Mary Crow
Kelle Groom
Jayne Fenton Keane
Claudia F Manz
Thandiwe Shiphrah
Elizabeth Winder

**If the names aren't linked, it's because I couldn't find one right now.

I'm getting ready to fly out to Oregon tomorrow. To visit the Margery Davis Boyden Wilderness Writing Residency.


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