Thursday, June 14, 2007

I just got word from Chandra Stapleton - the producer of Eddie, the movie - that Frameline will be premiering this Saturday in San Francisco at the Frameline 31 Film Festival. It's going to be at the Castro Theatre. How awesome! If you're in S.F. you should go check it out. It's part of the Girls Shorts.

Also, I'm heading out east next week. In part to see folks at home, but I'll also be able to see D'Lo's show Ramblations. So that's where you'll catch me next week. It's going to be at the Flea Theatre, as part of the Asian-American Theatre Festival.

Then off to Cave Canem in Pennsylvania!

Sharon Bridgforth's show love conjure/blues is up this weekend, as is The New American Talent Show (it's featuring Wura-Natasha Ogunji's work - she's the artist who did the artwork for Erzulie's Skirt book cover).

My writing on the body project is going well. I'm moving right along and having a great time.


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