Friday, June 01, 2007

So, the Lambda winners were announced last night. Congratulations to all the folks who won! Yay. I was not a winner this time around, but I am honored that I was a finalist.

On another note, A Gathering of Tribes magazine will be publishing an interview I did with artist Samira Abbassy on their webzine (sometime next week). And, Torch just opened up their call for submissions. Rock on. Submit. Submit. Submit!

There are some other great calls for submissions:

AIDS Project Los Angeles is publishing a new journal: NOW - "from writers and artists who envision new and insightful ways to talk about the black queer bodies, women’s health, the house ball scene in relationship to HIV/AIDS, and the impact of HIV/AIDS on cultural production in the black LGBT community for the last 25 years." The contact email: NOWjournal2008@

And Sinister Wisdom #74 is a call to Latina lesbians: "
Chicana/Latina/Latin American lesbians living all over the world areinvited to submit material. We want to know how our sisters define whatlesbian activism means to them in whatever way they see fit."

But rather than me list all of the submissions that I'm hearing about right here, I'll list the places where I find out about them.

Poets & Writers Magazine
Fiction Factor
Fire and Ink (Writers Resources)
Lambda Literary Foundation Resource Center

That's all folks!


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Amanda Johnston said...

Thank you for the announcements, Love. Please forward to any listserves you're on. We need the word of mouth.

See you tomorrow!