Saturday, July 07, 2007

Last night I went to Cafe Libro to hear Vicki Grise. She was reading from The Panza Monologues. It was awesome - and actually the first time I was hearing her read from that work. Here's an excerpt so you get a flava:

Panza Brujeria

In times like these, I think it's important that we look to the teachings of our ancestors and my grandmother taught me that as a people we had enough power that we could curse someone just by the way we look at them. So I want to start a campaign, a campaign to give George W. Bush and all other evil politicos ojo. Can you imagine the power? What if all of us, people of consciencia, brown, black, yellow, white - queer and straight - all came together to give George W. Bush ojo. I think he'd die. That would be my...

Panza Brujeria

Vicki put the moves on, too. So she was acting it out and just was great. Power to the Panza.

I'm on Day 53 of my Written on the Body word project. I'm also gearing up to do another series of interviews and transcriptions for the oral history project. But, yes, I did just get back from Cave Canem. Patricia Smith posted a photo on the Poetry Foundation site, and I've also pasted it below. Aren't people just so (in the words of Toi Dericotte) Beautiful?

I think there's other great news, too. Oh yes - RedBone Press just came out with a Black LGBT bibliography titled Carry the Word, featuring interviews and a list of books guessed it:Black LGBT authors. It's awesome. Professors and librarians everywhere are going to be psyched. As well as book fiends like me.


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