Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sekou Sundiata is fighting for his life.

For Sekou Sundiata...Because your magic moves me.

What is terrorism?
My grandfather was lynched.
Black people have lived under terrorism.
There's such a thing known as "vibe"/
You know in your body when the vibe isn't right.
After 9/11...
Now wait a minute here.
Emotions are running high.
What did you mean by that?
What is hope? That is my question.
And what exactly is happening tomorrow?
There is the state and the dream.
The 51st dream state.
I went to down to the site after 9/11.
People were calling.
Nobody wants to talk about it.
Imagine me as a black man driving through North Carolina.

Terrorism is the 51st dream state.
I went to find my grandfather.
We are black.
Now wait for a vibe.
Hope is the question.
And what exactly is the state?
And what exactly is the dream?
I went down, me a black man
We don't talk about the lynching.
People. People were...
Nobody wants to talk.
Everybody's craving conversation.
What do we mean?
9/11 was for me...
I remember my grandfather.
Driving to North Carolina, as a black man.

Everybody's nobody.
Back in the day, we imagined.
There is a story nobody will talk about.
My question for you is, what do you remember?
After 9/11, I remember my grandfather.
A black man was lynched.
There is such a thing as terrorism.
I drove through North Carolina.
I was dreaming.
It is important to dream.
What is hope?
That is a dangerous question.
Let's have dinner and talk about it.
The state, I mean.
You dig? Keep digging.
You feel?
Now, don't forget to imagine. Don't forget to dream.

Griot. Griot.Griot. Axe Brother Sekou.

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