Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's been a hectic couple of weeks, but here I am, on a sunny morning in Austin, blogging.

There was a great interview/discussion (coordinated by Anne Bowling) about poets and blogs featured in the new 2008 Poets Market. It was actually incredibly insightful, and provided great perspective on how blogging becomes both a tool and a space for poets to tease out ideas and such. Featured are bloggers Amanda Johnston, C. Dale Young (Avoiding the Muse), Kate Greenstreet (Every Other Day), Janet Holmes (Humanphone), Reb Livingston (Home-Schooled by a Cackling Jackal), and Jilly Dybka (Poetry Hut Blog).

The National Poetry Slams were in town last weekend, and though I didn't get to any of the events, it was awesome to hang out with some peeps who were in town. We didn't know it, but we were bound to meet each other. W. & I had gone to Resistencia to pick up our friend C. when we ran into a whole bunch of folks. They were there to hear the report back from the U.S. Social Forum. So, we all rolled over to the local watering hole Polvo's and hung out for a bit. I found out from Tara Betts that she has a review of Erzulie's Skirt in the upcoming issue of Mosaic (thank you Tara!). And that there are people hard at work finishing manuscripts even right at this moment.

I just got a lovely package in the mail. My baby brother just put together a hip hop album, Reflections, under the name Geometrik. I'm proud of him on many levels, but in addition to being proud of him as my brother, the beats are off the chain. The lyrics are powerful and full of intention, and the musical riffs are awesome, incorporating reggaeton, blues, old school hip hop and samba. Yeah.

On Friday, Shia Shabbazz, Wura Ogunji, Amanda Johnston and I got together. Manda had her camera, and we were talking about being black female artists in this world. Here's a little taste of what the black cats brought in (filming/editing by Amanda Johnston):

And yesterday was the 95th day of the Written on the Body project. 95 Days! I have five days left. I've been getting some great words for the past 3 months, so it's going to be an adjustment to not run out at 9pm in search of words.


Things are up in Austin. The Book of Daniel is coming to town September 7 - 10th. Daniel Alexander Jones is going to be tearing it up. Before then, there's a fundraiser for raulsalinas this Saturday August 25, 2007 at the Mexican American Cultural Center. raulsalinas, if you don't know, is a cultural and political force. he's an elder, and precious. he's been sick lately, and so we're coming together as community to raise funds to cover medical expenses. this is a powerful model. Then, next Sunday is "Sundays in Paradise" - the new house party at the Victory Grille. I haven't heard house this good in a long time. It's so much fun. And DJ Philly Phil is off the chain.

So yeah, on my end, I'm hunkering down to write for a minute. Take care of some bizness. Finish my written body project. And be out in community.

Till we meet again - peace.

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