Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jóvenes del Liceo Técnico Hermanas del Rosario Torres marchan
para repudiar las drogas y actos delictivos en el sector
Guachupita de la zona norte del Distrito Nacional.
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Youth in the sector of Guachupita, one of the poorest urban communities in the Dominican Republic, made a call to end the drug related violence in their neighborhood. Between the ages of 11 -16 they staged a peace march; over 250 youth have been engaged in discussions and problem-solving organizing meetings for the last month. The problem of drug related violence has gotten so bad that many children report not being able to go to the colmados - corner stores - to buy food items. Sending children to the corner stores is a common thing to do (me, my brothers and all my cousins were always being sent to the corner store to buy everything from dinner bread to a cigarette for my aunt). However, children getting robbed on the way there or back is a new thing.

It says a lot when 11 year olds are heading a march for peace. I hope this process also opens the way for creative, community developed solutions. I have faith that it already has.

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