Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm at Can Serrat in El Bruc, 40 minutes north of Barcelona, Spain. El Bruc, and the artist residency is at the base of the Montserrat mountains and monastery. The air is crisp, cool and Mediterranean. Cold at night. Looking at Montserrat, Y.C. and I observed that Gaudi's work makes complete and total sense. That in essence, it's in conversation with the landscape here. The mountain seems to have flutes of rock plunging up from the earth. In the late afternoons, it's coppery - a shift from the cool green snakeskin color it has in the mornings.

I'm here to work on a novel and some poetry. On the way over from Austin, I stopped in New York City and did some things. I had a wonderful time giving several workshops - two at the Little Red School House and one for the Living Out Loud! series - at Washington Irving High. It was fun. The young artists and thinkers were inspiring as usual.

I also got to check out the Caribbean Art Show (Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art) at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. That was really wonderful and fascinating. Some of the themes of the show were transnationalism/globalization and identity; religion and spirituality; pop culture. I think my favorite pieces were: Raquel Paiewonsky (b. Dominican Republic 1969). Levitando: A un solo pie (Levitating: On One Foot), 2003; Christopher Cozier (b. Trinidad 1959). Tropical Night, 2006; Kawtchou, by Maxence Denis; and a piece about Bronx Boricua gangs in the 1970s (I have to look up the artist and content so later on details). And what was most fascinating was that the show was having a conversation with the Caribbean Biennials of the past few years - one I saw in Santo Domingo and others that I've seen catalogues for. There is something really deep happening in the Carib sea waters.

It was certainly a lift from seeing the exhibit: Eternal Ancestors - The Art of the Central African Reliquary exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. That was such a disturbing exhibit that I've decided I'm going to dedicate an entire blog page to discussing it. So, not now, but later.

Anyway, I'm off to read for a bit. To get inspired to work tomorrow.


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