Saturday, December 29, 2007

So, it started today. Unsuspectingly. It started. There was food. I made crepes. And a fritata. We gathered from our various paths and agreed to join together for one year. To make art. And perform art. And conceptualize art. And commit to art. For one entire leap year. 366 Days. Well, kind of. See, someone was wanting to get ride of 350+ masonite tiles from her stock. But she made the taker promise they would do two things: do something every day and keep a blog about it. So, a group of us: Senalka McDonald, Samiya Bashir, Wura Ogunji and I agreed to do it. We said yes.

And then we got together today, Saturday December 29th and hammered out the details. Figured out what we're not going to figure out. Decided to commit. To the material. To the mission. To each other. We even came up with a name for ourselves and our blog: Penz (it's pronounced Pants). So, follow us as we go on this journey. Oh and by the way - not only are we committing to making one piece of art a day for 366 days and posting on the blog every day for 366 days, we're going to be involving others. Check it out.


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