Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shit'll just come and bite you in the ass every single time. So, I decided to submit an erotica piece to "Ultimate Lesbian Erotica", right. Yeah, and I thought - let me do it under a pseudonym. I don't know why I thought this was a good idea, except that I remembered all the bad, bad, bad erotica I published when I was in my early 20s and thought - maybe I get to have a little distance from my work, and maybe I get to have another identity. My erotica identity.

So the book arrives today (yay!!). The story's in there. Let's not talk about my really bad, bad, bad pseudonym (it's "Scion Tenta" okay? and not after the car, either). But then, Wura says,

"Too bad you published under a pseudonym. Otherwise you might have gotten a bio."

I turn to the back.

"I do have a bio."

And why, WHY is my author's bio there with my pseudonym. So apparently, Scion Tenta published Erzulie's Skirt among other things. After we recovered from laughing so hard that we both fell on the floor and had to call at least five friends, I decided I just needed to take it a step further and just come out with it.

Oww. My ass hurts. In a good way. much for an erotica identity.

By the way, the story's really good.

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Amanda Johnston said...

I love Scion Tenta. I have all of her work!! LOL

Love you (who ever you are)!