Tuesday, January 08, 2008

So it's a New Year. 2008. I've figured out that the year is about BALANCE. A Libra year let's say. There are a lot of things to learn about balance.

A child hood friend of mine with whom I recently reconnected shared something with me that has lingered ever since I hung up the phone. She's deaf, was born deaf, but has had hearing aids her entire life. As she's gotten older, there's a hardening of the silica in her ear that has started to affect her balance as well as her hearing. Her age is bringing out new challenges to her physicality. What really blew me away though is that she operates a bike repair shop. And rides bikes. She's always been that way - unstoppable. And completely upfront and direct about stuff, too. So she tells me she's having to learn how to balance again, because of age and the changes it's brought about in her body. And it made me think about my body and physicality and the new things I've had to learn about myself as I get older, too. Balance.

Why do we assume that the only time we learn how to walk is in that first year?

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