Thursday, February 14, 2008

In case you ever forget where I come from, take good note of these photos. We cannot underestimate the innovation that comes from limited resources. One day, I might write an ethnography on the contemporary mule: the motorcycle. I might have to dig up the photo I have of two brothers carrying a cow on the back of theirs one dawn (where they got the cow at that hour, I don't want to know!). So, next time you get the urge to put down the urban cowboy, remember that his/her motorcycle is his mule and s/he can get anything anywhere with it.

Back in the days when I had roommates, I always used to say, jokingly, "Don't forget I'm third world." whenever they stared in shock at my use of materials or tools in unexpected ways. And I am. And I appreciate the lessons from my upbringing in places with limited industrial resources (as opposed to natural resources, of which there are usually many). The original recycling. So yeah - here's one for non-linear approaches to problem solving! To innovation and the mother of all inventions: necessity.


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