Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ana-Maurine Lara, Lenelle Moise, Solimar Otero
photo by Eddie Harris

It's been a little over a week since I returned from Baton Rouge, where I read at LSU along with Lenelle Moise & Solimar Otero, fierce phenomenal women poets/performers/scholars/thinkers. It was such a great time. Our hosts: Myriam Chancy & Kristen Hogan showed us around Baton Rouge, and I even had the opportunity to watch a performance of Eduardo Machado's Broken Eggs, directed by Femi Eumi.

Myriam Chancy Kristen Hogan

photos by Eddie Harris

Now, the amazing thing about Baton Rouge itself is - and this was my first visit there ever - the way in which the city sleeps next to the Mississippi, its trees sagging and dripping over the streets and colonial style houses. Near the Capitol building the trees were covered in
Mardi Gras beads.

Photo by Alex Brandon, AP

The beads could have easily been misconstrued as trash, but something about the way they looked made me think of lights and bottles in trees - which I like. I like the ways lights look in trees. And I like the way the beads look in the trees. Like magic. Weeks after Mardi Gras, and shining in the rain.

That was on our way back from going up to the deck in th
e Capitol building, from where we could look out over Baton Rouge. Over the Mississippi River, over the oil refinery and its clouds - all the way out to LSU. There, we discovered stuffed animals - tigers, alligators (no panthers), and a decks of playing cards. There was a row of them: Civil War Regalia, Civil War Battle Sites, etc., etc. At the very end of the row was a set titled "Black Women in American History". The older Black gentleman behind the counter informed us, after we asked him if it was any good, that "Sure it is - if you don't know your Black History."

Pënz, Art Day 17, Twilight

So, this past week, just yesterday actually, I went to the Jorge Macchi show at the Blanton. I had learned about it from Jen's blog, and decided to go check it out. And I'm SO GLAD I did.

I love conceptual art. Whether its in the form of words, music, visual material, video, etc, I LOVE IT!!! And Jorge Macchi is brilliant at conceptual art. He's obsessed with the infinite. As with parallel realities, which could possibly be read as a non-Euclidean application of theories of the infinite. I couldn't decide what thrilled me more (as an artist and an audience): his music box piece - a continuous loop of cars on a highway, in which the cars formed "notes" on the "score" put to sound OR his piece "Parallel Lives" in which he broke two pieces of glass - and their breaks are identical. Say what?!

So yeah. That's the goings on along the road. This coming week is the Spring Equinox, and with it, the world will shift again.



k. terumi shorb said...

tenks, kid. for the cool pix and the lovely account. glad to see kristin is doing well in br. see ya tomorrow!

Lisa C. Moore said...

thanks for the update, Ana. very nice! did i ever tell you i lived in Baton Rouge for 7 years? yep, right across the street from the Capitol building. all those Mardi Gras beads you saw would have been from Spanishtown Mardi Gras. and i don't know if you know, but Mardi Gras beads were originally made of glass, so your linkage is very right on. beads are mostly plastic these days; less chance for cuts and blood and all that as you wrestle someone for a pair. :-)

ScryptKeeper said...

awesome ... i so wish i coulda been there!!

thanks for the rad post!

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