Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And here's your one stop shop for getting in touch with your representatives and letting them know how you feel.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A 24 hour day in the life of zorashorse:

7am: go to supermarket and buy cabbage for that salad that R.T. likes
8am: package herbs and label for herbology class
9am - 1pm: herbology class on concept, health and methodology
1pm: run home
2 - 5pm: Austin Salon featuring Samiya Bashir
5pm: run home again
6pm: use third-world sensibilities to sense myself to a fundraiser for Resistencia; after finding the house, enjoy conversation and good music.
8pm: girlfriend tugs sleeve "it's getting late."; head out to neighboring town for A.J.'s Birthday party
9.30pm: talk about art and activism with friends and make connections that will probably change our lives forever
12midnight: almost win at dominoes and end up losing by 10 points when W.O. locks the game
12.30am: girlfriend tugs at sleeve - "Don't you have to go and pack?"
1.15am: get home and crawl upstairs to whine about packing.
2am: finish packing, and watch half an episode of the most recent TV (internet) addiction. Fall asleep at 3am with hand on mouse.
5.45am: Wake up and move around in some semblance of wakefulness.
6.15am: Go through airport security, run into friend, have a mumbled half-asleep conversation, fall into chair and wait to be called onto plane.
7am: up in the friendly skies, a day closer to the equinox