Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wow. It's been ages since I've posted. I haven't really had time. That's always arguable, but really: in my case, it's true. I've been swamped with work. Part of it has been my choice to spend an hour in the garden versus an hour in front of the computer, blogging. I love gardening. I love the garden here at Alma de Mujer Center for Social Change.

And speaking of life is about to become something I can't even imagine. I got into a PhD program at Yale University up in New England. It seems I have some New England karma to resolve. I'm bracing myself for the cold, but also making plans to migrate South for days, weeks, months at a time. February is such a short month, I may sneeze and watch it pass. But on the up and up, I'm getting excited.

Two weeks left working here at Alma de Mujer. Just two weeks. And I leave Austin on August 12th. AAH!! I can't believe it. It finally hit me yesterday. I started packing today, starting with the books, of course. It was wild to pass my hand over books I haven't looked at in years. It seems that I always go back to the old favorites when I'm in need of comfort these days. I dusted off the cover of Petals of Blood and then ceremoniously placed it inside a brown box put together just for this purpose. I did the same with the other several hundred issues.

And then, I was tired. So I came out to the land and danced for a little bit, watered the garden and then sat outside to enjoy the sunset.

New Haven, what secret spots will you offer in the dead cold of winter? Will your leaves grace my cheek in the Fall? Will my heart jump with the joy of flowers in the Spring? Can you beat a daily summer high of 108 degrees, like my new found home of Austin?

Austin...I will miss Austin. We've had a drought for two years, but I remember when there was water in the river and Flower & I would go in the afternoon and swim in its currents. I've recently discovered kayaking. I'm going tomorrow. It's awesome. And then, there are the breakfast tacos. And the Red House happy hours. Austin has given me theatre. And amazing friends. Amazing people in general. I'm going to miss it.

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