Saturday, September 12, 2009

What do Victorian undergarments, Yemanya and Spaceships have in common?

Everything if you are in Atlantis. Halfway through the performances and music, I realized that I was witnessing Atlantis come rise up to the surface: music and the Zulu Nation, Afrika Bambaata playing witness to the Aleijuan violin syncopating blue red Bjork lights. The Shape Shifters Specimen Monstah Black, Yozmit reigning on the stage as dj lynnee denise and sabin blaizin parted waters the trailing voices of imani uzuri, karma and hanifah carrying us all across the depths.

I love house music. And I love art. I love the Monstah coming out, his spaceship carrying him through the depths dancing with jellyfish trailing up to the surface to greet us with his shark jaws. I love the freedom of black brown beautiful bodies emerging from their victorian tresses, and the shaking of starlight and star dust onto the surface of our mother earth.

Axe to the ascendent Atlantis supah stars who brought us home tonight.